Current Bid Solicitations

To access electronic copies of these bid documents, click on the RFP/RFQ Ref. No. of the bid you wish to find information on If after viewing the documents you intend to respond to a bid solicitation, please notify the ISU Purchasing Quote Desk at

quotedsk (at) iastate (dot) edu
or call 515-294-8201 to inform us of your intent to respond.

You must notify us of your intent to respond in order to receive addendums or additional information.

For clarification or questions on a particular quote, please contact the purchasing agent for that quote via phone or email.

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Additional RFP/RFQ instructions are available at:

Any purchase order or contract issued as a result of any RFQ/RFP issued by Iowa State University will contain the Standard Terms and Conditions listed at:

By responding to an RFQ/RFP the supplier acknowledges and confirms that it has reviewed and agrees to these terms. These terms and conditions along with any terms and conditions contained in associated RFQ/RFP documents constitute the terms and conditions for the awarded bid. In the event that these PO terms and conditions are in conflict with the terms and conditions of the RFQ/RFP, the terms of the RFQ/RFP will govern.

To view award information for all ISU RFQ/RFP's please visit the following link:

RFP/RFQ Ref. No. Description Due Date Purchasing Agent Telephone No
62936 MANAGEMENT SERVICES-ISU CENTER 2015-04-28 Cory Harms 515-294-2591
63064 RESEARCH EQUIPMENT CONTRACT 2015-05-12* Al Brooks 515-294-7040
63072 MOWERS/SEEDER 2015-04-20 Cathy Beckman 515-294-9394
63073 PAINTING/FREDERIKSEN COURT 2015-04-24* Matt Linder 515-294-2834
63074 CHAIRS AND BAR STOOLS 2015-04-20 Cathy Beckman 515-294-9394
63076 POINT OF SALE SYSTEM 2015-05-11 Cory Harms 515-294-2591
63077 LED AUTO UPRIGHT MICROSCOPE 2015-04-30 Kelly Freel 515-294-9918
63078 CHOP SILAGE 2015-04-27 Lucas Schau 515-294-8853
63082 NODE ROOM HVAC EQUIP/LINDEN 2015-04-23 Matt Linder 515-294-2834
63086 ENVELOPES 2015-05-05 Stacy Sassman 515-294-9390
63088 VIRGIN PAPER 2015-05-07 Stacy Sassman 515-294-9390
*Sealed Bid